Hello all. I am currently looking to trade some of my old TCG and TCG packs for vaults and Elite (no ninja). I will trade TCG packs for old school gear, but I will not trade my old TCG for old school. I have certain old school that I am looking for listed at the bottom but I will listen to other offers, non-combat would be awesome (no brawler or ninja). NOTE: I have the right to reject all offers and any offers with things I’m not looking for will be IGNORED.

Old TCG I have:
Electric Oil Diamond Shard
Glow Cookie
**-Hum Hammer
Money Hat
Penguin Mask
Toyger Whistle

TCG Packs:
Series 1: x95
Series 2: x100
Series 3: x20
Series 4: x45
Series 5: x10

Old School I am looking for:
Light blue storm shot hat, wrists, pants, boots and quiver
Magenta storm shot hat, wrists, pants and boots

Thanks for your time.