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    Default (Closed) Ninja cloths store..

    I am selling some colored ninja cloths i got from trying to get colored max armor. I will try to add more when i get some i will sell lower levels and i will sell max when i have some..Here are the parts i am selling below.

    Chunin: lv 16 2k each
    Light green wristguards
    Aqua gi
    Purple shoulderguard

    Soke: lv 18 3k each
    Red cowl
    Dark blue cowl
    Sky blue wristguards
    Purple gi
    Light gray hakama
    Aqua hakama
    Brown tabi boots
    Brown shoulderguard
    Purple shoulderguard



    Leave a message below if you want to buy any parts.. Just put your In game name. When someone wants it i will take it off the list..

    Questions Or if there is something wrong Private message me.
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