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    I want a girls vault shirt (retired color only please) so so so so so bad so Im offering EVERYTHING I own which equals a total of 730k but I can add 90k so that would be 820k ANYWAY here we go...

    My offer...
    Astro Helmet Sandrift
    Backward Cap and Shades Stormcloud Allspice Aqua x3 and Turbo
    Bee Antennae Stormcloud
    Heart Antennae x5
    Jester Hat Turbo Shadestone and Ocean
    Shooshboom Hat (yellow)
    Skull Beanie Twilight
    Skull Beanie and Shades Turbo
    Spiked Biker Helmet and Shades Mantis and Allspice
    Striped Beanie Cap Black and Ocean
    Cloth wraps Blizzard
    Padded Gloves Aqua
    Pirate Hook
    Spiked Gloves Silver and Bronze
    Studded Gloves Aqua and Midnightx2
    White Stitched Gloves Honeydew
    Deathly Love T-shirt
    Lovely T-shirt
    Cardigan Sweater Turbo and Honeydew
    Free Realms Birthday Shirt
    Layered Skull Shirt Twilight Aqua and Cloverleaf
    Robgoblin T-shirts Mantis and Midnight
    Rolled Sleeve Hoodie Aqua Stormcloud Cloverleaf
    Ruffled Blouse Blizzard
    Seaside Birthday T-shirt
    Shrouded Glade Birthday T-shirt
    Strapped Long-sleeve shirt Twilight and Stonesurf
    Strapped Short Sleeve Shirt Honeydew Turbo
    Stripe Ruffled Blouse Forestx3 and Aqua
    Tattered Longsleeve Midnight Sunrise Bubblegum
    Wild T-shirt Twillight Sunrise Blizzard Sandrift Aqua Midnight
    Wugachug Birthday T-shirt x3
    Zipped Leather Jacket Turbo Twilight
    Cuffed Pants Turbo Thunderbird Shadestone Honeydew
    Short Pants Mantis
    Stitched Capris Honeydew
    Stitched Short Pants Aqua Twilight Rubyburst
    Hightops Ocean
    Orange Strapped Flip Flops shadestone
    Precursor Hovers
    White Shooshboom ice skates
    and Ocean strapped shoes

    Please Please Trade
    IGN: Arie Flamingheart

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    Default Re: Please Trade ^_^

    *Warning* Some of this is members only
    IGN: Arie Flamingheart

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