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    Default CLOSED

    Auction 1:
    Elite Black Striking Serpent Shoes
    Starting Bid: 90k
    Bid Increases: 1k
    Buyout: 150k

    Auction 2:
    Elite Black Striking Serpent Pants
    Starting Bid: 90k
    Bid Increases:1k
    Buyout: 150k

    Auction 3:
    Light Brown Flying Dragon Cowl
    Green Fighting Tiger Arms
    Brown Flying Dragon Pants
    Brown Stalking Panther Shoulder
    Starting Bid: 70k
    Bid Increases 1k
    Buyout: 115k

    All These Auctions End 11/15/10 at 8:00 P.M. Pacific Time
    I Will Post More Auctions Later.
    - Shadow Kevin
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