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    Default The *Cheaper* Retired Item Shop! SOLD OUT!

    I have a few retired items I can sell for a lower than average price...

    Jagged Scythes (green and brown) 4k ON HOLD!!!
    Shadowblade (orange) 6k ON HOLD!!!
    Shockrod (orange) 6k ON HOLD!!!
    Flying Dragon Tabi Boots (purple-ish) 12k ON HOLD!!!
    Wound Mender Fatigues (brown) 4k ON HOLD!!!

    I know its not much but its all I wanna sell for now
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    Default Re: The *Cheaper* Retired Item Shop!

    Shadowblade (orange) 6k
    Flying Dragon Tabi Boots (purple-ish) 12k

    I'll take both for 18k.

    Jagged Scythes (green and brown) 4k
    Wound Mender Fatigues (brown) 4k
    I'll take these as well. Total is 26k now.

    Shockrod (orange) 6k
    Add that onto the list too. Total is 32k.
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