I remember these going buy 100k each but I guess they got higher during the past months.
I'm not the best at making offers, so correct me if you will.

Offer 1: Light Blue Small Sweater Blouse (Vault) + Alienware Code or Red's Cloak
Offer 2: Purple Flannel (Vault) + Icy TCG Shard + Light Yellow Polo + Alienware Code (Shirt with the 10k) or Red's Cloak
Offer 3: Light Blue and White One Shoulder Shirt + 4 winterwear (girls) of your choice + Fire Hydrant Hat + Alienware or Red's Cloak
Offer 4: 4 Blouse Vests + Red Pink Small Sweater Blouse + Teal Orange Strapped Sandals + 4 winterwear of your choice

Again, I'm seriously bad at offers.