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    Default Buying white and black clothing!

    Buying white and black clothing! I have a spending budget of 100k so here's the type of stuff I'm looking for:

    White stuff!
    Idk if poofy vests come in white but if they do I WANT EM
    White hightops
    ANYTHING ELSE! Just tell me if you have any white stuff and what it is and if I'm interested, I'll buy! I do allow myself to go over the budget though.
    Are there white fingerless gloves? They may not be called white fingerless gloves but can someone tell me if there is? Thanks.

    Black stuff!
    (In this section the stuff doesn't necessarily have to be DEAD black it just has to be close at least)
    Is there black hightops? I want them anyway if there is
    Let's see hmm...blackspore midriff!
    I can't think of anymore! But if you do have any black items FOR GIRLS then please, post and put an honest, reasonable price and other experienced FR players please feel free to correct the price it's usually sold at if some sneaky person almost sells it to me for an expensive price, thanks!

    My IGN is Doctor Raven and I'm online on late tuesdays for an hour when it's not the holidays. But some days of the week (excluding weekends) I'm on when it's the holidays .
    ~ I wish everyone the best as they depart from the lovely world and community of Free Realms ~

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    Default Re: Buying white and black clothing!

    the only way for girls to get fingerless gloves in white is if you get the "White Stiched Gloves" in the color white, they also come in every color in free realms except actual black.

    The Poofy vest im not too sure about that.

    yes there are black hightops but they are the black in the sc shop.

    for the blackspore midriff you could have just got the "Useful Key Collection" completed and got total black pants, gloves, hat, the shirt, and boots.

    Hope this helped xD

    Steámpunk (FR), Isaiah.Martin411 (Skype),
    I Am Hobo Ninja (Xbox Live), Ysabelle/Nighthawx (Vindictus)

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    Default Re: Buying white and black clothing!

    I have Black Small Stitched Pants.. if you areinterested.

    Free Realms Player 2009-2014 ~ FR Youtuber since Oct. 2012
    The FR community was always the best one <3

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