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    Icon1 Buying/Trading Max Archer Gear..

    I'll trade any of these archer pieces for any Bullseye Archer in Ocean, Stormcloud, Stonesurf, Bubblegum, or Twilight (if you have any other max pieces I might want those too :o):

    Sunrise Bullseye Hat
    Dark Green (normal color) Bullseye shirt
    Dark Blue (normal color) Bullseye Hat

    Rubyburst Upshot Quiver
    Sunrise Bobtailed Quiver
    Cloverleaf Upshot Boots
    Bubblegum Upshot Leggings
    Stonesurf Upshot Leggings
    Bubblegum Pin Hole Hoodie
    Cloverleaf Pin Hole Gloves
    Sunrise Pin Hole Gloves
    Twilight Pin Hole Gloves
    Stormcloud Pin Hole Gloves
    Turbo Bodkin Cap
    Rubyburst Roving Cap

    I need:
    Ocean Bullseye Cap, Shirt, Leggings, Boots, Quiver
    And then, basically any Bullseye gear xP Not everything tho, so post ^^

    Thanx :D Posttt ;P
    Sleepyness xD
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