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    Default Buying/trading collection items (Fisherman, Wizard; Springs, Medals)


    I'm looking to buy the following collection items, post which do you have + the price here or contact me on FR. I am also ready for trading for other collection items I have, name which would you want, because I have far too many to list them here. Name on FR: Jarolink


    Honorable Mentions Medals:
    Honesty Medal

    Bouncy Metal Springs (entire collection):
    Mattress Spring
    Trampoline Spring
    Diving Board Spring
    Metal Spring Toy
    Pogo Stick Spring
    Seat Cushion Spring
    Bungee Cord Spring
    See-saw Spring

    Golden Metal Springs (entire collection except for Basic Golden Spring):
    Big Golden Spring
    Small Golden Spring
    Expensive Golden Spring
    Cheap Golden Spring
    Loose Golden Spring
    Advanced Golden Spring
    Useless Golden Spring

    Oiled Metal Springs (entire collection except for Compression Spring and Valve Spring):
    Suspension Springs
    Clutch Spring
    Transmission Spring
    Ramp Spring
    Extension Spring
    Torsion Spring

    Tightly Coiled Metal Springs (entire collection):
    Jack in the Box Spring
    Pen Spring
    Door Stop Spring
    Clock Spring
    Mouse Trap Spring
    Battery Spring
    Clamp Spring
    Clothespin Spring

    Briarwood Pond Fish:
    Purplenosed Shark
    Old Sole
    Bitter Betta
    Roach Loach

    Briarwood Stream Fish:
    Blind Swurglefish
    Fanged Grouper
    Changed Salmon
    Briar Nibbler

    Extra Large Catch of the Day:
    Extra Large Blue Thronfin
    Extra Large Talking Bass
    Extra Large Goofy Grouper
    Extra Large Plattypus

    Extra Large and in Charge:
    Extra Large Feral Catfish
    Extra Large Baconfish
    Extra Large Purplenosed Shark
    Extra Large Fanged Grouper
    Extra Large Briar Nibbler

    Snowhill Pond Fish:
    Frostgill Smelt
    Coach Loach
    Spineless Stickleback

    Snowhill Stream Fish:
    Blue Thornfin
    Talking Bass
    Pacu Pacu
    Goofy Grouper

    Wilds Pond Fish:
    Finless Fish
    Peachy Perch
    Lady Tetra

    Wilds Stream Fish:
    Feral Catfish
    Cheery Salmon
    Chipsen Fish

    Wizard Stories:
    Wizard Story pg. 4
    Wizard Story pg. 7
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    Name on Free Realms: Jarolink

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