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    Default Buying & Trading

    Hi. c:
    I am buying Rubyburst(SC Red) items.
    I am looking for:
    Rubyburst Beret
    Rubyburst Blouse Vest
    Rubyburst Vest Blouse
    Rubyburst Tank Top - 15k
    Rubyburst Cardigan
    Rubyburst Small Sweater
    Rubyburst Rolled-Sleeve Hoodie
    Rubybursy Layered Skirt
    Rubyburst Boot-Cut Pointy Pants - 15k
    Rubyburst Baggy Pants
    Rubyburst Strapped Shoes
    Rubyburst Orange-Strapped Flip Flops
    Rubyburst Balloon Bow
    Rubyburst Mothers Day Boquet - 10k

    Items I can trade for these items:
    Note: Blouse Vest for Blouse Vest, Vest Blouse for Vest Blouse.. those trades mainly. Unless I added a coin price.
    Sunrise Beret
    Cloverleaf Blouse Vest
    Thunderbird Vest Blouse
    Twilight Cardigan
    Sunrsie/Honeydew Sweater Blouse
    Midnight Pink Small Sweater Blouse
    Amethyst/Twilight Rolled-Sleeve Hoodie
    Cloverleaf/Ocean Baggy Pants
    Midnight Strapped Shoes
    Thunderbird/Stonesurf Orange-Strapped Flip Flops
    For Rubyburst Balloon Bow:
    Honeydew Balloon Bow
    Aqua Balloon Wand
    Honeydew Balloon Saw
    Toasty Balloon Saw
    contact me on discord - lexi#3996

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    Default Re: Buying & Trading

    You should add Queen Cris on FR. She has a lot of the stuff you want up there. I know bc she offered it to me but I declined. But yeah add her she has it.

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    Default Re: Buying & Trading

    Okay, i will contact her or she could post on this thread since my character is glitched right now.

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    Default Re: Buying & Trading

    I have a Rubyburst Pink Small Sweater Blouse, I'm not sure if you would want that one? o.o

    Èmma & Barbìe
    ~♥Frostbitten Boutique♥~♥Buying & Selling Items♥~

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    Default Re: Buying & Trading

    Ignore this post. I traded the shirt away.
    Last edited by arcadian; 02-02-2014 at 11:40 AM. Reason: Traded the shirt away.
    It's been an amazing three years for me on this game, but our journey has reached it's final destination. I'll really miss you all. Au revoir!

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