Anyone who has Strapped Shoes in any color and id looking to sell them please I'll buy them for these Items you may pick 3 Items out of this...
1.Blue/green CupCake hat
2.Blue Balloon Hat
3.White Heart Antennae
4.Purple Insulated winter Wear gloves
5.Yellow Insulated winter Wear gloves
6.Red Insulated Winter Wear gloves
7.Red Alpine Winter Wear gloves
8.Turquiose Alpine Winter Wear gloves
9.Grey Alpine winter Wear gloves
10.White Toasty Winter Wear gloves
11. Turquiose Toasty Winter Wear gloves
12.AlienWare T-shirt (Black)
13.Hot Pink Briarwood B-day T-shirt
14.Bleeding Heart T-shirt (Purple)
15.Purple Briarwood T-shirt
16.Deathly Love T-shirt (Brownish)
17.Red Heart T-shirt (From Member Quest but not Member Item)
18.Kisses T-shirt Blue/Green
19.Golden Long Cardigan (Not Cardigan Sweater)
20.Blue Merry Vale B-Day T-Shirt
21.Coin Shop pink Merry Vale B-Day T-Shirt
22.White No Love T-Shirt
23.Pink (Not coin shop) Filligree Long-Sleeve
24.Purple Filligree Long-sleeve
25.Red Kisses T-Shirt
26.Light Blue Insulated Winter Wear Jacket
27.Red Insulated Winter Wear Jacket
28.Pink (not coin shop) Long Cardigan (Not Cardigan Sweater)
29.Hot Pink (not coin shop) 1 Shoulder Shirt
30.Blue Robgoblin T-Shirt
31.Blue/Green Ruffled Blouse
32.Orange SeaSide B-Day T-Shirt

Any 3 of these for Strapped shoes If you ask I may Extend the Items

IGN: Leila with an ' above the E