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Title: Buying SC

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    Default Buying SC

    Hey everyone! I'm buying a $5 or $10 SC Card for these items:

    Red's Cloak (100k Value)
    Red hood.png
    2011 Fan Faire Shirt (100k Value)
    the thingys magic.png
    Alienware T-Shirt (150k Value)
    (Almost) Every Color of Backwards Caps w/Shades - (Probably around a 200k Value, More/Less)
    (I'm not putting a pic of every color xD)

    Total Value:
    Around 550k

    If you do have a SC card, I would like to code first due to past experiences. Thanks! (:

    If you don't have a SC Card, I would trade the items up there for they're Coin Value. Thanks!

    some nerd who's too nostalgic for their own good

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    Default Re: Buying SC

    You can get the Alien shirt at Alienware Arena - Rise With Us

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