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    Default Buying Some Things for a Friend

    Hello everyone. Looking to buy some things, but for a friend this time. I am looking to buy the following:

    Sky Blue (Aqua) Viper Druid Gloves - 20k
    Magenta (Bubblegum) Viper Druid Gloves - 20k
    Light Pink (Amethyst) Viper Druid Gloves - 20k
    Dark Purple (Twilight) Viper Druid Gloves - 20k

    Add me in-game: FlaminBurrito

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    Default Re: Buying Some Things for a Friend

    well arent you a silly sally!
    We all know " as in me, most other members are clue less" that when you say for a friend it means be nice to me and give me a good deal even thoue the items really for me
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