Hi, like the title stats, I am buying the shard of entangling, for the job "Wizard"

Here is what I am offering. It depends on what you choose from the list, as to how many items you can have.


Pink Zoot Suit
Hover Boots
Yellow hoodie jacket


Archer's Power Shard of Entangling
Archer's Power Shard of Second Wind
Archer's Power Shard of Smiting
Archer's Power Shard of Vampire
Ninja's Power Shard of Vampire
Wizard's Power Shard of Vampire
Wizard's Power Shard of Armadillo
Beaming Eternal Square Shard
Shimmering Celestial Square Shard
Shimmering Dreadful Triangle Shard
Burning Infernal Square Shard
Pulsing Fateful Triangle Shad
Archer's ring of shielding x3
Jeweled Celestial Necklace
Metallic Celestial Ring
Shiny Spectral Ring


Sword of Omens
Green bow
Yellow Hammer
Black Hammer
Red Sword
Yellow Wand
Bat Pail
Black cat pail
Ghost Pail
Jack-O-Lantern Pail
Oversized Candy Cane
Paperbag candy carrier
Skull Lantern
Skull Pail
Witch Pail
Purple summer sparkler
Green summer sparkler

I hope I get a seller soon.