Buying any Rare that I do not have Tree (three) of:

25k coins for any 6 coin creature
20k coins for any hero
15k coins for any 3 to 4 coin creature
10k coins for any other card

So if you have any spare cards that you want to turn into coins let me know, I am trying to fill out my collection.

In game name is Mortiferous. Talk to me in game or message me here.

When/if I run low on cash I will close the thread till i can rebuild my coins.

The following are the cards I already have three of


1R19 Hooligan Leader
1R27 Robgoblin Mage
1R28 Robgoblin Sorceress
1R44 Hold Em Down
2R7 Animal Smuggler
2R8 Brutus the Betrayer
2R12 Robgoblin Swindler
2R16 Thugawug Sneak
2R21 Red Artifact Shard
2R27 Corruption


1R111 Giant Toad
1R112 Hidden Florian
1R124 Stampede
2R59 Moldering Fungaloid
2R62 Nogg the Cruel
2R68 Green Artifact Shard


1R61 Furnace Golem
1R70 Smokey Blacksmith
1R83 You Go First
2R31 Artifact Detector
2R40 Weed Whacker


1R142 Chugawug Captain
1R150 Pixie General
1R151 Royal Archer
1R153 Royal Medic
1R176 Just Desserts
1R178 The Ol' One-Two
2R80 Gorg
2R81 Lieutenant Sniburg
2R86 Ty

2R4 Docaloc