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Title: Buying Items

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    Default Buying Items

    I am buying the following items. Name your price:

    beautiful bouquet
    icicle ice cream
    money hat
    rocker hat
    rocker sneakers
    rocker pants
    rocker vest
    sparkling tiara
    sizzling frying pan
    ceremonial jeweled axe
    ceremonial shadowblade
    ceremonial mantisbow
    chugawug bandit mask
    penguin feather mask
    spinner cap
    yellow flannel shirt
    white flannel shirt
    blue flannel shirt
    blackspore explorer gloves
    man-eatong plant mask
    paper hat
    pointy pickaxe
    skater beanie
    skater shorts
    skater shirt
    skater kicks
    chatdy backpack
    goth boots
    goth pants
    goth goggles
    goth coat
    briarsting bow
    arrow-thru-the-head hat
    wolf T-shirt
    fire hydrant hat
    ALL COLLECTIONS - 50 each
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    Default Re: Buying Items

    If you mean collection items, I have a bunch I dont need.

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    Default Re: Buying Items

    penguin feather mask how much you paying for that

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    Default Re: Buying Items

    ok. i am online right now.

    and i am still earning money but i just wanted to post it up for when i do get enough money

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