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    Default Buying a Few pieces of Yellow Armor

    I'm only buying a few pieces of yellow armor for now and they are:

    Brawler: (LEVEL 16 ONLY)
    I will except any of the following: Berserk Bruiser, Frenzy Fighter, Buff Bruiser.

    The pieces I need are:

    Please post if you have a piece that I need!

    I am also selling some pieces of rare yellow armor. Please offer a price and I will accept if I like it. The piees for sale are:


    Spunky Scrapper Cap - Level 1
    Buff Bruiser Gloves - Level 16
    Street Scrapper Wraps - Level 4
    Frenzy Fighter Shirt x3 - Level 16
    Strong Scrapper Shirt - Level 12
    Feisty Fighter Shirt - Level 1
    Strong Scrapper Pants - Level 12
    Rowdy Rumbler Pants - Level 4
    Rowdy Rumbler Pauldrons - Level 4

    More jobs coming soon...

    Please post if you'd like to buy something!
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