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    Icon7 Buying a few items :]

    1. if you are selling/trading with me MUST LEAVE YOUR IGN
    2. post what you are trading/selling with me to make it clear.
    3. post what you want in return for it.
    4. i am easy in prices if you would like more i will consider it.

    Buying/trading for a few items here! ^-^ on the right side in coins is what ill pay or you can choose something in my shop you would trade for (link to my shop in my siggy)
    Buying List:
    Dark purple boot cut pants 55k
    Dark purple boot cut pointy pants 50k
    Any color beret NOTE: i will have to consider depending on what color it is. PLEASE NO BROWNS! I may reject some offers.(can trade light yellow beret for it)
    Dark purple white stitched fingerless gloves 50k
    Vault dark red blouse vest (i have no idea how much this is worth.) 300k & items from my shop.

    That is all for now :] i will probably think of more but for now thats it!
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    Narwhales. Bai.

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