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    Default Buying Corn Pop Stuff

    Hey I am looking for the oversized candy candy cane, the holiday lights flair shard, the garland, the holiday tree sweater and the knitted fishing hat.

    Paying coins for them.

    My level 20s - (Earned in this order) Chef, Postman, Card Duelist, Brawler, Miner, Ninja, Adventurer, Pet Trainer, Fisherman, Blacksmith, Archer, Wizard, Kart Driver, Medic and Warrior

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    Default Re: Buying Corn Pop Stuff

    Knitted fishing hat and the garland arent tradeble. Sorry

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    Default Re: Buying Corn Pop Stuff

    I have the fishing hat....Want it Gabriel?Oh and,u know ur postman costume,try getting the new rare armour...

    Oh and Galaxy hes offline...
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