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    Dekan is offline Explorer
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    Feb 2010

    Default buying collections

    (500 coins each)

    Striped Centipedes:
    Small (Bought)

    Spotted Centipedes:
    Queen (Bought)

    Striped Spiders:
    Slimy (Bought)
    Smelly (Bought)

    Spotted Snails:
    Large (Bought)
    Smart (Bought)
    King (Bought)

    Orange Fireflies:
    Angry (Bought)

    IGN: Dekan Trubility
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    saber123 is offline Amateur Gamer
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    Apr 2010

    Default Re: buying collections

    I have almost all, let me know when you et on.

    Hey did you send just me a message? I thought you had purchased all you needed?
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