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    Default Buying Birthday items + pirate stuff

    I'm buying some of the birthday shirts and furniture plus some pirate furniture.
    The price is 500-1000 coins per shirt or trade for another shirt that I have.

    As for the furniture I'd be thankful if someone could buy me the items and I would pay the shop price for them.


    • Free Realms Birthday T-shirt
    • Snowhill Birthday T-shirt
    • Briarwood Birthday T-shirt
    • Wugachug Birthday T-shirt
    • Blackspore Birthday T-shirt (if there is one)
    • Pirate Chair (Red and Blue)
    • Pirate Couch (Red and Blue)
    • Pirate Table (Red and Blue)
    • Birthday Gifts (two of each color)
    • Birthday Party Baloons 4-pack (two of each color)

    Leave a message here, on my FRI visitors section or add me in-game: Jarolink .
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    Name on Free Realms: Jarolink

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