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    Default BUYING 5 DOLLAR SC***** Selling Collections!

    Well,I'm Buying 5 Dollar SC For 200k.
    Also Selling These Collections.
    They Are 600 Coins Each.

    Car Key.
    Colonel's Key.

    Ayani Medal.
    Meteoric Medal.
    Pixies Medal Of Honor.
    Shooting Star Medal.
    Silver Lining Medal.
    Snowflake Medal.
    Star Cluster Medal.
    Sun Touched Medal.
    Trolls Medal Of Honor.

    Yellow Bird Of Paradise.
    Purple Bird Of Paradise.
    Orange Bird Of Paradise.
    Pink Bird Of Paradise.

    Water Lily.

    Ninja Dolls-
    Deep Blue Doll Arms.
    Deep Blue Doll Chest.
    Deep Blue Doll Pants.
    Deep Blue Doll Weapons.
    Well Thats just about all Reply Or Pm if You Want any of these.Or If your selling Sc XD.
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