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Title: ***BUYING***

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    Default ***BUYING***

    I'm buying the following collections :

    Job Specific:
    • Tongs
    • Coal
    • Blacksmith stories 1,3,4,5,& 8
    • Forge Stories 3,4,6, & 7
    • Monster Tires
    • Junkyard Wheels
    • Junkyard Cart Door
    • 89 crystal fuel
    • 91 crystal fuel
    • Upgraded suspension
    • Upgraded Fuel Injpectors
    • Upgraded Headers
    • Upgraded Engine Block
    • Upgraded Breaks
    • Nitrous
    • Dwarve's race fuel
    • Skinny Tires
    • All-weather tires
    • Piece of Copper ore
    • Hunk of copper ore
    • Lolite Gem
    • Pile of gold ore
    • Hunk of Silver Ore
    • block of silver ore
    • significant gem
    • chugawug stamp
    • Robgoblin Booger
    • Blue, Red, Orange, & Gold Army Men
    • Bamboo Doll: Legs, Chest Arms, Pants, Weapons, Potions
    • Big Blue Doll Arms
    • Brawler Doll: Shirt, Pants, Gear
    • Bright Sun Doll : Mask, Pauldrons, Arms
    • Casual Human Doll: Jacket, Shorts
    • Casual Pixie Doll: Pants
    • Deep Blue Doll: Chest, Weapons
    • Dolls pets: Shadow
    • Fire and Ice Doll: Arms, Weapons
    • Formal Pixie Doll: Shirt, Gloves
    • Formal Queen Doll: Cap, Jacket
    • Lakeshore Human Doll: Pants, Gear, Ring
    • Pixiewood Pixie Doll Ring
    • Rockstar Human Doll: Pants, Gloves
    • Rockstar Pixie Doll: Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Boots
    • Royal Doll: Pants, Shoes
    • Seaside Pixie Doll: Hat, Shirt, Accesories,Toe ring, Beach towel, Shoes
    • Seaside Queen Doll: Accesories, Toe Ring, Beach Towel
    • Snowhill Human Doll: Cap, Gear, Shorts
    • Snowhill Pixie Doll: Gear, Gloves, Shoes
    • Snowhill Queen Doll: Cap, Jacket, Pants, Gear
    • Molten Lava Top
    • Icy Blue Top
    • Wilds Queen Doll: Gear, Boots
    • Plump Pumpkin Top

    I know its a lot but i'm trying to finish all my collections... I'll post more later Once most of these are gone. Sorry if i put up a collection reward. Also Tell me if you have any collection items you would like to trade and ill see if i need it ill answer this asap.
    ***Post your price for the items***
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    Default Re: ***BUYING***

    check out the store in my sig i may have some

    Kiperrrful (AKA Kiperrr, Kippy, Kipster, Kip)
    IGN: Kiperrrful Server 4

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    Default Re: ***BUYING***

    k, ill check now.

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    Default Re: ***BUYING***

    i have some of those


    I got more of the collection i have the rockstar doll gloves, signifcant gem and pixiewood doll ring, blacksmith story page 1, skinny tire, formal queen doll gloves, junkyard kart door
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    Default Re: ***BUYING***

    Cool We can trade when your ready

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    Default Re: ***BUYING***

    I have the crystal fuels

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