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    Default Bunch of keys.

    hi there, im selling a bunch of keys and here they are.
    Spoiler: show
    Bike Lock key
    Bread Box key
    Colonel's key
    House key
    Any key
    Jewel Encrusted key
    Jewelry Box key
    Lock Box key
    Queen's key
    Spare key
    Toy Chest key
    Shackles key
    Mansion key
    Chest key
    Mayor's key
    Do Not Duplicate key
    Lion Heart key
    Locker key
    Heartstone key
    Pixie key
    see, i told you there was a bunch. keys are 1,000 coins each. please post witch key(or keys) you want, and we will work out a time and place.

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    Default Re: Bunch of keys.

    Do you have Masters Key?If you don't i will trade for Jewel Encrusted Key.
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    Default Re: Bunch of keys.

    i need colonels key. im online right now
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