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    Icon6 ***Big Auction! Rare Cards!*** Auction 2 added with rare foil!!!***

    I have no use for them, so here is the set... All of them ARE RARE CARDS!

    Hooligan Leader
    Invading Bixie Warrior
    Dwarf Mining Master
    Mushroom Giant Boss
    Sloppy Wet Kiss
    Kirill Moonrunner
    Cursed Bear

    Starting Bid- 200k
    Reserve- 240k
    Buyout- 4 booster packs or 450k
    Ends- Sept. 8th @ 7:00 P.M. EST
    Bids must go up by 1k...

    If you buy out I will throw in a free card! (Rare)

    Auction 2!

    Blue Artifact Shard- FOIL!!!!

    Starts- 75k
    Ends- Same as auction above
    Bids go up by 1k
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