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    Default bidding (black) flannel, tiny cupcake, kitty frog collar!

    The title says most of it we will start with flannel! starting bid: 30K, Bid increment 1K, buy out 150K or one elite black piece. 2nd will be kitty frog collar! starting bid 11K, bid increment 1K. Buyout 40K. 3rd will be tiny cupcake starting bid 4K, bid increment 1K, buy out 23K. Starts now at 8/28/10 8:35 a.m. Ending time 8/30/10 5:00 p.m. Please be nice and all free realms rules are used!!!! Happy Bidding
    EDIT: i'm lowering the prices for everything because no one is buying :/ 30K flannel. frog collar 11K. cupcake 4K

    Bump anyone buying i lowered prices a ton!!!!
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    plz to tell this to any mom, dad, anty, uncle, frog, hobo! cause i want to make ppl less dumb every day.

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