Here's the Old School i'm trading for different Berets:

Retired Red Nether Enchanted Robe (2 SC color berets, i will take coin shop red though)
SC Yellow Feral Fire Hoodie (2-3 Berets depending on the colors)
SC orange stalking Panther Gi ( 1 SC colored beret)
BerryBright Feral Fire Archer Leggings (2 SC colored Berets and 1 coin shop beret, no tan or brown)

If you give a white beret and like 1-2 other good colors i could give an entire old school ninja outfit (all of it it dancing monkey except the Gi, it is a Fighting Tiger gi, but they are all Light Green)

If you would like a different trade PM me and we can see what we work out

And i already have SC yellow and Black!