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    Default Barrens Shop of stuff!!!!

    (post your offers)
    Twisting cobra cowl (brown)
    Biting mongoose cowl (purple)
    Dancing monkey cowl (faded blue)
    Soaring eagle cowl (green)
    Soaring eagle cowl (BRIGHT YELLOW)
    Prowling rat cowl (purple)
    Dancing monkey cowl (green) (x2)
    shinobi ninja cowl (yellow)
    Soke ninja cowl (yellow)
    Twisting cobra (brown)
    Biting mongoose (brown)
    Dancing monkey (green)
    Soaring eagle (green)
    Prowling rat (purple)
    Soaring eagle Gi (brown)
    Dancing monkey Gi (green)
    Prowling rat (purple)
    Prowling rat (green)
    Flying dragon (hot pink)
    twisting cobra (bright yellow)
    dancing monkey (green)
    Soaring eagle (bright yellow)
    Twisting cobra (hot pink)
    and for the whole set its 150k so that means every single peice
    rules firsat come first serve Thx Barren Shadowblood

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    Default Re: Barrens Shop of stuff!!!!

    I'll buy your Dancing monkey cowl (faded blue) for 2k-3k.
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