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    Default Autioning ~Light Blue Ninja Set~

    I am auctionig off a light blue ninja set. My buyout is ~1,000,000~ coins. The bid ends Augoust 17, 2010... Please start your offers at 100,000-200,000 coins. I will put the items on hold for a maximum of 3 days. Leave your offer posted on this page and I will decide wich offer is best. ~Gavin Blazingclaws Ps: Sorry about the typo I meant 1,000,000
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    Default Re: Autioning ~Light Blue Ninja Set~

    you really mean a hundred million?? o_O
    sorry, just really really wanting to clarify that
    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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    Default Re: Autioning ~Light Blue Ninja Set~

    ok since theis is an auction where is the bid increments and ending time and date

    i bid 100k
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