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    Icon6 Auctioning Off $5 SC Card

    Hiya so today ill be auctioning off a 5 $ sc card
    I have the card right next to me atm
    Auction will end on July 23

    Starting Bid 100k(I LOWERED IT) it can be less if you add cloths, if you add enough rare cloths it will be free

    Cloths I Want ATM:
    Purple Plaid
    Light Blue Plaid (have the sc for free and ill throw in rares )
    Purple Flarred Shirt

    Soz if any of the above things are worth more xD

    IGN: Kángaroo
    (if you cant do alt keys ill add you)
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    Default Re: Auctioning Off $5 SC Card

    Ty Princess Melodie for the Signature & Avatar & the Shop Avatar
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