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    Oct 2010

    Default Auctioning: CONFETTI BLADE

    Hey Everyone I am Auctioning the RARE Confetti Ninja Blade...

    Starting Bid: 250k
    Bid Increases: At Least 5k
    Buyout: None At The Moment
    Ending Date: Friday December 31st 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time

    My Wants List:
    Any and All Elite Black Gear
    Goth Goggles, and Gloves
    Skater Beanie and Kicks
    Ceremonial Jeweled Axe
    Rare Old School Gear
    Winter Wear
    Colored Max
    Sport Shades
    Flannels (Not Red)

    Items to Consider Putting On (My Big Wants that I need To Complete Sets)
    Green Flying Dragon or Striking Serpent Boots
    Red Jonin Shirt
    Elite Black Dancing Monkey
    Green Berserk Bruiser Shoulders and Shoes

    P.S. You may offer items that are not on my wish list but the wish list items will for sure get my attention caught.
    Thanks and Let The Bidding Begin!
    - Shadow Kevin
    Proud Officer of Renegade
    IGN - Shadow Kevin

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    Default Re: Auctioning: CONFETTI BLADE


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    Default Re: Auctioning: CONFETTI BLADE

    Besides the red Jonin shirt, is there any particular color you're looking for in the max armor and winterwear?

    And I'll start it off at 250K.
    Happy gaming!
    IGN: Marisol Bluesurf and Marisol Dreamchaser

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    Default Re: Auctioning: CONFETTI BLADE

    I have sport shades, ceremonial shadowblade, red Jonin gi, green striking serpent boots, some colored winter wear gears, A LOT OF MAX GEARS (colored), elite black Striking serpent shirt, pants and gloves. And pink plaid shirt.

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    Default Re: Auctioning: CONFETTI BLADE

    Please remember the Free Market rules when making auctions/trades on FRI. It is not acceptable to auction items in more than one place. (i.e. on the FR Forums, FRI Forums or MM Forums all at once). It has been brought to our attention that you have this auction open elsewhere. It's unfair to those bidding on both sites. Until one or the other thread is closed, I will close this auction. When you have closed one or the other, just send me a private message and I will reopen this thread or keep it closed depending on what you decide.

    Jillian Rosehill
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