Alright, I am NOW Selling A Brawler's Anvil hammer of Dirt Kick for Level 8-12 Players (I forgot which level sadly >.<), and Selling WHITE Berserk Bruiser Boots. Auction will end at TODAY: 12:00 PM (1:00 for FRI, since they say EST time, Im in Central)

I also seem to STILL Have a Berserk Bruiser Hammer, which is very wierd, since I have no need for it anyways >.>

Berserk Bruiser Hammer: Minimum Bid Increament is 2 Thousand
Berserk Bruiser Boots: Minimum Bid Increament is 1,500
and Brawler's Anvil Hammer of Dirt Kick: Minimum Bid Increament is 1 Thousand.

Start cammenting your bids, cause you only got a couple of Hours if you WANT these!

NOTE: One restriction may apply, if there is a winner for the Berserk Bruiser Hammer, you may not get it, but that is okay, since I dont know if I have it or not...