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    Default Auction! Insane TCG package: CHAOS

    26 Chaos Cards all for the price of one Booster!

    3 Rare Cards:

    Robgoblin Mage
    Thugawug Sneak

    1 Starter Card:
    Troll Spider Trainer

    1 Foil Card:
    Blow up Real Good

    9 Uncommon Cards:
    Invading Bixie Elite
    Robgoblin Boss
    Robgoblin Burglar
    Snowed Under
    Robgoblin Treasure Hunter
    SRS Hunter
    SRS Thug
    Good Times

    12 Common Cards:
    Hooligan Brawler
    Invading Bixie Mage
    Mauthe Dog
    Robgoblin Bruiser
    Shadow Talon Archer
    Nuggino The Swift
    Zargolut's Essence
    Corrupted Gem
    Shattered Mirror
    Column of Fire

    Starting Bid: 100,000
    Increment: 5,000
    Buy Out: $5 SC or 250,000 Coins
    End Date: Friday the 13th (Tomorrow) at 12:00 PM (Noon) CST
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