I am auctioning a Outfit that contains the following Items:
Heart Antennae -Anyone- (Valued at 10k)
Blue Rolled-Sleeved Hoodie -Girls Only- (Valued at 15k)
Traveler's Shorts -Girls Only- (Valued at 15k)
Briarwood Explorer's Boots -Girls Only- (Valued at 5k)
Briarwood Explorer's Backpack -Anyone- (Valued at 5k)
Purple Summer Sparkler -Anyone- (Valued at 5k)

Need a picture?

Info on the Auction:
Starting bid: 50k (Value Price 55k+)
Minimum Increasement: 1k
Buyout: 75k or one booster pack, any kind
End Date/Time: 8/12/2010, 6:00 pm EST

Anyone that cannot afford this please let me know and I can adjust the price. I may add some more items. and the price will not higher.

Don't forget to bid!!!