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    Default Auction: Blouse Vest

    Hey everyone this is my first auction and I'm selling:

    Item: Blouse Vest
    From: Farming
    Colour: Light Grey
    Time of the auction: From midnight June 23rd, to midnight June 25th. Since it'll probably still have no posts by then lol.
    Starting Bid: 15k
    Minimum: Hoping for 50k (I think that's what they're worth) or more (being optimistic).
    Minimum bid increase: 1k

    Good luck to everyone who bids! Here's a pic:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Default Re: Auction: Blouse Vest

    Bump it louder! ^^
    Me: Stephanieee please? Stef: No! Me: Pleaseee? Just give me one guild, you have three... Stef: Four actually >.>
    BTW hope you don't mind I used one of your pics for my avvie

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