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    Default Attention Traders: FRI 'Time Stamp' Forum Issues - Should be resolved

    Hello Traders

    UPDATED (8/31/12 @ 10am KT): This issue appears to be resolved. Please note that some replies may still be out of order from the previous evening. However, all posts made today should be working correct, as should any other feature that was influenced by this time stamp issue (PMs, VMs, Post look-up, etc.) Thanks!~

    We just wanted to provide a friendly heads up to an issue that has reared it's ugly head here today. Earlier today (around 12pm - noon - eastern time) the data centre where our servers for WI are stored unexpectedly lost power, and our forums went down with no prior notice for close to two hours.

    As a result of that power issue, our forum has been experiencing problems with the "time stamp" to your replies. What this means it that the forum is resetting the time at certain points during the day, and thinking that it is much earlier (2pm vs 8pm Eastern) in the day. Unfortunately this means that any posts that may have been made at the proper time (8pm) will be organized ahead of your own. Your post will be sorted into what the forum believes is a proper time selection, and often appear much earlier in thread you are responding to.

    This issue should resolve itself when the forum recognizes it is August 31st, or shortly there afterwards. Until then, refrain from trading on another member's thread. The issues with the forum and time stamp will make it difficult to honor proper lines for an item while bidding, and we want to make trading fun.

    We apologize for the frustration, inconvenience and disappoint you may be feeling. Trust me, we (the staff) are all sharing your frustrations!

    Thanks for your understanding.

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