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Title: Archer Shop (Re-Open)

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    Default Archer Shop (Re-Open)

    Artimis' Archer Shop

    Order Form:
    Your IGN
    IGN- Artimis Grace


    Bull's-Eye Archer Hat
    14k each ||
    10k each ||

    Pinhole Archer Shades
    4k each |Stormcloud x2, Aqua x3, Cloverleaf x4, Stonesurf, Bubblegum x4, Sunrise x3, Twilight, Turbo x2|

    Upshot Archer Shades
    3k each |Cloverleaf x5, Turbo x6, Sunrise x2, Twilight x3, Aqua, Bubblegum x2|


    Bull's-eye Archer Wristguards
    14k each ||
    10k each ||

    Pin Hole Archer Gloves
    6k each |Twilight, Turbo x5, Aqua x3, Ocean x4, Sunrise x3, Rubyburst x4, Cloverleaf x2, Stonesurf, Bubblegum|

    Upshot Archer Gloves
    5k each |Twilight x3, Ocean x5, Aqua x3, Stormcloud x5, Turbo x2, Bubblegum, Rubyburst x3, Stonesurf x3, Sunrise x3, Cloverleaf x2|


    Bull's-Eye Archer Tunic
    25k each |Cloverleaf|

    Pin Hole Archer Hoodie
    10k each |Twilight x3, Stonesurf x3, Turbo x7, Sunrise x2, Rubyburst x2, Aqua x4, Ocean x2, Bubblegum, Stormcloud|

    Upshot Archer Hoodie
    9k each |Aqua x3, Stormcloud x2, Ocean x3, Twilight x2, Cloverleaf x2, Sunrise x2, Bubblegum|


    Bull's-Eye Archer Leggings
    17k each ||
    12k each ||

    Pin Hole Archer Leggings
    7k each |Rubyburst x3, Twilight x3, Turbo, Cloverleaf x3, Aqua x2, Stormcloud x2, Ocean x2, Sunrise|

    Upshot Archer Leggings
    6k each |Turbo x2, Bubblegum x5, Twilight x3, Sunrise x3, Aqua, Rubyburst, Cloverleaf x2, Stormcloud|


    Bull's-Eye Archer Boots
    15k each ||

    Pin Hole Archer Boots
    4k each |Stonesurf x2, Ocean x3, Sunrise x2, Cloverleaf x7, Stormcloud x3, Bubblegum x2, Turbo, Twilight|

    Upshot Archer Boots
    3k each |Stormcloud x2, Ocean x2, Aqua x3, Rubyburst x2, Bubblegum x2, Stonesurf, Turbo|


    Bull's-Eye Archer Quiver
    17k each ||

    Pin Hole Archer Quiver
    5k each |Sunrise, Turbo x2, Ocean x8, Stormcloud x2, Bubblegum, Aqua x2, Twilight x2, Stonesurf x2, Cloverleaf|

    Upshot Archer Quiver
    4k each |Sunrise x2, Turbo x2, Aqua x2, Bubblegum x3, Cloverleaf x2, Twilight, Ocean x2|

    Full Set

    Pin Hole Archer [Full Set]
    32k each |Sunrise, Twilight, Turbo|

    Upshot Archer [Full Set]
    27k each |Aqua, Bubblegum|
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    Default Re: Archer Shop (Re-Open)

    I will buy your cloverleaf bulls eye tunic Total 25k

    IGN XxTRACIxX I'm on your list already I think.

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    Default Re: Archer Shop (Re-Open)

    Upshot Archer Boots
    3k each |Ocean, Aqua, Bubblegum|
    Total: 9k
    IGN: Åubrey
    contact me on discord - lexi#3996

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    Default Re: Archer Shop (Re-Open)

    Thank you for the great trade Artimis! It's great to see your shop open again!

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    Default Re: Archer Shop (Re-Open)

    I'll take the aqua and bubble gum upshot sets.
    IGN: Chaotix
    I'll be online sometime later today.
    Prince Chaos
    Spoiler: show
    Prince Chaos's Shoppe (WIP)

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