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    Default Alexander's shop - selling rare things - UPDATED

    Rare weapons

    Brutal blast bow - 25k
    Biting mongoose blade - 15k
    Frenzy fighter hammer - 25k
    Striking serpent sword - 25k
    Interped protector axe - 20k
    Alley fighter hammer - 15k

    Rare Ninja

    Diving hawk gloves (orange) - 10k
    Whole fighting tiger set (red) - 150k
    Flying dragon cowl (purple) - 25k
    Soaring eagle gloves (orange) - 15k
    Stalking panther cowl (light brown) - 15k
    Skriking serpent wristgaurds (brown) - 20k
    Skriking Serpent Shouldergaurd (brown) - 20k


    Bramblebank boiler ringx2 - 30k
    Alligator suit - 80k

    Chest Cloths (boys only)

    Briarwood set (no gloves) - 15k or 5k each

    Rare acher

    Feral fire hoodie (red) - 25k
    Trick shot quiver (brown) - 20k

    Rare clothes

    one stripe shirt (green) (boys only)x2 - 10k
    Pet trainer apron - 75k
    Pathfinders capris (girls only) - 5k
    Pathfinders pants (boys only) - 5k
    Small stiched pants (black) - 15k
    Small stiched pants (blue, not shop color) - 10k
    Striped polo shirt (green) (boys only)
    Red flannel (boys only) - 30k

    Maxed gear

    Knockdown mask - 10k
    Fully loaded helmet - 15k
    First class helmet - 15k
    First class pants - 15k


    Chatdy backpack - 100k or goth boots or gloves

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    Send me a message saying what you want to buy!!!!!

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    Default Re: Alexander's shop - selling rare things - UPDATED

    Striped polo shirt (green) (boys only)

    when can we meet so i can get this

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    Default Re: Alexander's shop - selling rare things - UPDATED

    What color is the Pet trainer apron? I would like to buy it I will be biding Higher too XD only if you want. I've been collecting them, So I will bid 200k If that's enough PM me XD

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