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    Default Hints and lessons learned

    1. It's not a bad way to get coins. Off all the non-combat jobs, probably produces the most 20 to 40C drops and lots of item drops (chests). Items sell back at a decent price too.
    2. Lures - when you leave a site, you lose the lure. If you want to try them, see what species they catch and make sure you are at a site that has the species and that you need it. Don't just click on it and give it a try. Once you use it, it's gone. It does NOT stay in your tackle box (as you would expect). A lure is an expendable item (you will find it listed with potions, etc)
    Also, level seems more important than the lure for catching specific't buy lures before lvl20 and save the lures you get in chests.
    Needs someone to keep track of what species they catch as they go up and then write a thread.
    3. The minigames are a bit like a battle except that quests and, at some sites, shops are found Inside the minigame. The shops there are more convenient because they only sell lures so you don't have to page thru lots of stuff you don't want. But not all fishing sites have shops
    4. Quests - I think more quests appear as you go up in level - needs confirmation.
    Quests that involve feeding animals require first that you catch the fish and then find the animals and feed them. And they are usually scattered evenly all over the landscape (with one hard to find, of course)
    Quests reward treasure tickets, stars, and coins. At lvl20, it's a little late for stars. They don't do items (needs checking)
    5 Better rods increase casting distance. I don't know if they change anything else.
    6. There are pools, like whirlpools, in the water that are targets. Some fish species are mainly in there. Chests - not sure - they seem to come up anywhere. Some pools move around slowly making them harder to hit. Outside the pools you get the most common fish. All this needs confirmation.
    7. Rainbow Lake may be the best place for chests.
    8. Collections - Species are split between pond and stream. I think it matters where you are fishing. Now that may be by site (one site is all pond, the other all stream) or by location within the site (which I think is true or also true). If you are looking to complete a collection or get a specific species, check
    9. Catches - Once you get a new species for the first time, it's easy to get it again. That may just be a function of your level (needs checking). And some quests require that you catch a fish you were catching quite easily at a lower level but now you are getting a different mix of fish that you weren't getting before and the darn things aren't there. You may even have to resort to a lure just to complete the quest (which will never pay for the cost of the lure).
    10 Shards and rings - Chef shards work. I don't know what they are changing but at least you can use them. No appearance shards (SOE should fix that)
    11. I don't know what, if anything, clothes change.
    12 Collection rewards - You get to put plaques on the wall of your house or apartment!!! There are 3 of them - mounted fish - enjoy!

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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    To catch the fish needed for the collection, you have to fish at each of the sites--and each site has it's own collection page. Snowhill Stream, Brairwood Pond, etc. You'll need to stay at each site and fish till you catch all the fish for that collection and then you can move onto the next site. Easy but boring. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    Has anyone seen a little effect on one of the fishing spots before? It looks like a little circle rain of happiness and I think it increases the size of your fish.

    I saw one yesterday... I caught nothing but XL Fish in the area, today it's gone.

    Is it cast by a person or is this a random daily event for a certain pond?

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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    More quests do open up the higher level you are.
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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    Oh thx now i know

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    Default Re: Hints and lessons learned

    I am a level 14 fisherwoman and I'm really enjoying getting this job leveled up. Thanks for the tips. These are coming in handy

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