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Title: Free? or not?

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    Icon5 Free? or not?

    Ok they said they made all of the jobs free. I went onto all of the old member jobs, and when i almost got to level 5, it said "become a member to keep playing" ok.. i usally wouldnt care, but isnt that wrong? that isnt free

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    Default Re: Free? or not?

    They are free TRIALS for non-members (except for non-members who joined before November 10th of last year who can max some of the jobs and trial the rest)

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    Default Re: Free? or not?

    If your a non-member than you can't play the member combat jobs. Until a certain distance.. For example Archer.. You need to be a member first to complete to level 20.

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    Default Re: Free? or not?

    Well the thing is that in November they said now every job is available for all new creations of characters up to level 5
    thats the thing

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    Default Re: Free? or not?

    it is almost level 5 they can't make you level to 20 if your a non member because they won't earn any money
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