First off, I'd like to say that I'm not claiming these numbers being 100% correct. However, I think the information gathered is somewhat interesting, at least to see what you're up against when fishing at Rainbow Lake.
In a previous post, I read that Rainbow Lake was the best place to catch treasure, so this is where I always fish.

Things to know

  1. These numbers are only for Rainbow Lake.
  2. I'm level 20, so your mileage may vary if you are a lower level.
  3. All numbers were derived with the Treasure Magnet Lure. (10% more likely to catch non-fish). If you catch a single piece of clothing or pole in the 30 minutes it's active, it's already paid for itself. You can also catch these randomly.
  4. I really like fishing...

Variables I'm unsure of.
As in, I have no idea if this stuff matters.

  • Casting your lure in a pool
  • Where you're standing
  • How far you cast
  • Which pole you're using
  • Gear worn
  • What do they mean by 10%...
  • Which server you're on (I really doubt this matters)
  • Time of day (doubting this matters either)
  • How many other people are in the instance with you (doubting this one, too)

This is the place I always ALWAYS fish.

Here is a nice little chart I made in Excel showing the results of three days of fishing.

Before anyone asks, I fish and watch movies at the same time.

As you can see, Treasure Chests and Pouches are caught WAY MORE than anything else. by. far. Thus, fishing isn't a bad income if you're lazy like me.

It's also worthy to note that Tangletooth Shark (the best fish to catch here) is the most-caught fish. My only problem with this is that (to my knowledge), there is no lure to increase the chance you catch them. I wish they did, so that I wouldn't have to dig through my inventory in multiple categories to sell what I've caught that day.

So in conclusion...idk... I was bored and made a chart in excel, that's what.