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    Default Why isn't my freerealms working?

    Well, my Free Realms account is working and stuff, its just that, when it goes to download before I play it gets to about 28% then says " There was an error downloading the game". What exactly happened? At the bottom it says something about a bad signature but I really have no clue...Please help if you can!

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    Default Re: Why isn't my freerealms working?

    Similar problems seem to always arise for players, but I haven't really heard of a solution yet. >_> You can wait for someone to come up with a better answer or send in a ticket and hope that a Referee/TSR can help you out.
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    Default Re: Why isn't my freerealms working?

    um, it happened to me the same way long time ago.. a friend of mine told me how to fix it.. he just simply made me delete the sony online entertainment folder in my computer.. signed back in again.. and it was ok.. but, i cant be sure if itll work for you too..

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    Default Re: Why isn't my freerealms working?

    After reading your post, I reckon a simple clean uninstall/re-install of the Freerealms program routine should solve the issue.
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