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    Default Redeaming Station Cash Codes


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    Default Re: Redeaming Station Cash Codes


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    Default Re: Redeaming Station Cash Codes

    Tell your Cash Codes? What?!
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    Default Re: Redeaming Station Cash Codes

    What the delli sandwich are you talking about!?!?!?!
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    Default Re: Redeaming Station Cash Codes

    I'm not sure what you need help with either but...

    If your purchased codes are not working:
    If you have purchased a Free Realms card and are having trouble redeeming it,
    First wait one hour to make sure the card has been activated and processed.
    New cards sometimes just need a little but of time and If it still won't work,
    You can contact support and have them check the redemption code.

    If you're trying to get someone to tell you codes for free:
    There aren't any free codes for station cash unless you are starting a brand new account.
    If you are making a new account, starter cards are available in some areas.
    They give 250 Station Cash, One month free membership and one large potion.
    But these cannot be used for an existing account.

    There are no codes for free station cash.
    You can however check 'The Free Market' here in the forums.
    Sometimes people sell or trade their Station Cash codes for coins or other items.

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