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Title: One Year.

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    Default One Year.

    It's now been a year, but don't lose hope! Someone bring it back even if it takes 20 years!!!
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    Default Re: One Year.

    Seems like so much longer than one year.
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    Default Re: One Year.

    God. Itd be so cool if someone could bring it back, miss this game to death.
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    Default Re: One Year.

    Not a day goes by that I don't think about this game :/

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    Default Re: One Year.

    Near the end, I had quit FR and I did not get on for last memories but since it has been a year, I regret that terribly. I realized I spent so much of my teen years on it and that it is now gone, a big part of my life is gone. I miss the days I could jump on the game and I get the songs stuck in my head. I used to get on it to escape my reality.
    I miss you, free realms.

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