Hey Everyone! It's been awhile since I hosted an event, and now, since I am back in Insiders and more active here on the site, I thought we should have a big party everyone usually has! You heard me right, a New Years Ever Party! This is the best way to start off the new year, especially with the Insiders! We will try to make this an exclusive party, so only a few selected guests may be able to attend. I will NOT be on the site as much, so it's up to YOU to find me in game and to make sure to tell me if you are attending the event or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What if we are not in <Insiders>, are we still able to attend?
A. Yes, you are able to still attend. All Insiders will be invited right away, if you are online in the guild. If you are not, then you'll have to notify me as the others.

Q. How can we get an invite into the party?
A. You will be required to come and ask me in game, personally, if you want to attend. I am doing this because I am not able to log into forums as much, and I will not have time to keep an updated List.

Q. Any certain Requirements or Rules we should be aware of?
A. It will be simple, basic rules for this event. I do ask that no trading goes on here at the event.Let's be respectful to not only me, but to others that are trying to have some fun.

Q. What are some things we will do?
A. I will try to include some Trivia questions about insiders and the realms, we'll try to play a couple r ounds of twister, and might include some shuffle tag as well. I also am going to try to do something called a "Party Pile." What might this be? All people that attend will have to gather up, and make a pile of party supplies with as much party supplies they got. Whether it's just cakes, or boom boxes, all is acceptable. It may take some time to do this, but worth the time and fun to do so.

Q. Anything we should wear in particular?
A. I recommend you wearing your guild colors. Reason being is because we do not want you to just represent Insiders, especially if I am able to record this, as well as others, but we'd like for you to show off your guild pride as we go more on in the event. If you are not sure if your guild has any specific colors, you can wear Green and Orange to Represent the Insiders if you would like.

Q. Will we do a count-down?
A. I will not be held responsible for any countdown, since no one is basically in the same timezone. If you would like to do one for your timezone, you may. Since I am in the east coast, this is why.

Q. What time will the Event Start?
A. The Event will Start at Approx. 10:30EST, so we can at least can an extra 30 minutes in to do our party pile, because it will take some tie.

Q. What day will the event be?
A. Obviously, December 31st, 2012

Q. Who will we need to add in order to port?
A. You can add me, Aaron Auranymph, or any of the other insiders. Again, your required to tell me before I am able to let you in.


I, truly, hope everyone will be able to come and help us celebrate this day, and a new year!