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Title: Gotcha Game

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    Default Gotcha Game

    I'm starting a new game of gotcha!

    The rules are simple
    Everyone has silly string and hides out around the free realms world. To tag someone, you spray them, shout gotcha, and post on the designated board that you got so and so. If you are tagged, you are out and must stop playing. No locking your house. We're also going by honor roll. To win, be the last man (or woman) standing. Let's do this hunger games style!

    What are the prizes? First prize is 5000 coins. I'll also give you a little symbolic, virtual trophy. Runners up probably won't get anything. We're doing this Hunger Games style. If trading is failing (you can't give people too much) I'll do my best to give you the prize money.

    Want to join the game? Please go to there will be more info on posting there.

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    Default Re: Gotcha Game

    Fun Event! Yay! Is there certain dates/times for this event? If so, include that for me! Once you do, I can add to calender for you.
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