Hey everyone! Well I am posting a new event for those new players! Ok, someone get the slide show going because im going to take everyone back a couple of years ago.

Remember when you were a new player? Well you mus have been called newb like idk mabye THREE THOUSAND TIMES!!? Well whoever comes to THIS event will be sure to celebrate a great day of funtastic new players! All you have to do is attend! Everyone who comes will have the ability to show new playeres around and get to meet them! You can trade, help, friend, and ect.
PLACE-Where the new players spawn in Sanctuary (junction highway place then turn into the looooong pathway that leads you through a narrow area and then you have arrived!)
TIME- Saturday 10:00 AM (mt time US) 12:00 am-pm (eastern US) 6:00 am (western time) 9:00 am(pacific time US) 11:00 am (central time US)

**please** please come and enjoy everyone and celebrate your past! Bring friends and money for the new players because it's time for our feedback