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    Default Attention: There will be no FRIday this week (6/21/13)

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to give you all a heads up that there will NOT be an FRIday event this week. This is due to my more bigger event going on this Saturday coming up, the Insiders Summer Bash. Please keep in mind, it will be for this week only! I will continue hosting more FRIday events, just not this week! It's been a bit challenging for me to keep up with two days in a row of self-hosted events, and been busy lately out of game, especially with SOE about future prize holds, which may not happen much more, but will continue to see.

    Please keep this in mind! The Insiders Summer Bash has NOTHING to do with FRIdays, in which why it was placed on Saturday rather than Friday itself. I hope everyone has a great week, and hope to see you at the Summer Bash!

    P.S. For more information on the Insiders Summer Bash ... --->
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    Default Re: Attention: There will be no FRIday this week (6/21/13)

    I'm going to click that link. I'm gonna find out what that is!

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    Default Re: Attention: There will be no FRIday this week (6/21/13)

    No double-party?
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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