What is this for? This is a party celebrating the first anniversary of the original air date of this show(Tourist Trapped).

Do I have to know about the show to attend? Not at all!

When/Where is it? The event will take place in my Wilds Condo, on Server 1, at 11:00 AM EST, and I plan to end at noon.

What will be happening? I have planned some contests to occur.
  • "30-Second Smile Dip Eating Contest"-Smile Dip is a type of banned candy that makes you go . For this version, those who enter will "eat" smile dip, while typing an absurd story in one bubble. When 30 seconds are up, one by one I'll ask you to say it. The longest bubble wins, but beware, if anything is filtered, you're disqualified!
  • Ready to Rumble-Rumble's on the loose! Avoid being found and contacted for three minutes, and you'll survive the fight!
  • Money Troubles-Some of the cash register's contents have scattered around into a pile somewhere in storage! Be the first to find it and yell that you have to win!(I will let y'all know what the object is later.)
  • Costume Judging Contest-Everyone who dressed up as Mabel will line up, and the others will stand in line to vote for their favorites. We repeat with the Dippers and Stans. From the top of each section, we pick our winners!

What do you mean by costumes? If you want, you can dress up like one of the following characters:
You don't have to, but I'll be handing out extra cupcakes if you do. Note: you don't need Stan's beard!

Any way I can help? I'll need party housing items and contest prizes. Help is appreciated!

List of attendees: