I'm Jamie,I was made in a lab by my parents along with my brother and my twin sisters.Our parents or "Our Makers" hate us they made us to go to a lab in turkey for scientific experiments.
Anyways My brother's name is John Tom Smith,My twin sisters' names are Alli Molly Smith and Kalli Polly Smith,and My name is Jamie Alice Smith.Truth is I'm not made in a lab only my siblings were I was from my real mom not from the lab.But all my siblings and me were upgraded to be more then humans.I'm 10%human 40%Machine and 50%Lion.John is 15%human 25%bird and 60%Machine.The twins are 35%human 25%cat and 40%Snake.Well back to about our parents.
I was their real kid the one they really gave birth to.Yea I know right,Your asking why they did this to their own kid.Well they can't love for some reason.Well thats because one day they were working on a machine to make people able to run faster then life.Something went wrong though they machine turned against them and made them slaves and now he runs the lab.Well more about my siblings I guess.Kalli And Alli were made to be the creepy ones you see.John was made to be the tough one and I was made to be the brave one.
Well hope you enjoyed chapter 1!!!!I'll only make more chapters if I get good ratings and coments on this one!So comment.
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